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We are  Yoga, a kind-to-skin and environmentally yoga wear company.

Clonko(An Online Trading Concern) is a wholly-owned online store acknowledged for its efficiency and expertise in health and fitness products. We make sure, that our customers are on an edge of comfort and get a genuine product range because it is a matter of health.

“Clonko” offers the best prices with unmatched convenience, choice, quality, and hygiene with the motto – “best for health”. With the mission of “Enabling comfort at home”, “Clonko” would make you feel to become a member to enter and purchase. Members can belong to different business categories such as Resellers, Offices, Institutions, Gym, Hotels, Restaurants, etc… Members get the benefits of a wide range of product assortment to suit their needs at competitive, consistent, and transparent prices, a great shopping experience, and convenient payment and delivery solutions.

Using the latest superfast e-commerce based technology to search for products, “Clonko” is designed in a way to give its buyers a hassle-free ride and an enjoyable rather authentic online shopping experience. The price structure allows profitability to the customers, thereby helping them to save money and live better. The assortment, service, and store layout are customized to the specific needs of customers who can walk into a new world of online shopping and experience high-quality products in quantities they need and at the time they require. Thus it enables the customers to change their mindset and opened up to buy the best products which are not only great at use but yes most importantly come at an unbelievable price too.

One of the best features is we provide customization, as per your requirement. Today, we have customers from all over the globe, like Germany, the USA, Australia, Russia, Hong Kong, England, South Europe, and the list goes on and on. The biggest difference between our products and the other websites which claim to have efficient products is that we put extra effort, one of the best in trading and pay individual attention to each and every one of our clients and maintain products quality. We also serve our customers and assist them with any queries like the detail of products, quality issues, delivery, etc. in order to serve them the very best, this uniqueness differs us from rest of the league.

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