How To Choose A Yoga Mat

The yoga mats on offer today are made using a variety of materials including latex, PVC, rubber, and plastic among others. But some mats may be bearing toxins and may not be suitable for your health. On the other hand, when you buy yoga mats that are eco-friendly, you lower the risk of being exposed to any toxins and can use the mat over a long period of time without the threat of any untoward incidence.

Choosing a Yoga Mat

When you want to avoid any adverse health effects, you may look for the “eco-friendly” sign on the mats before you buy them. But not all eco-friendly mats may also carry a label pertaining to it. In this case, you can look for signs like PVC free, or manufactured using plant latex/rubber/materials.

Choose a Reputed Platform

While buying a yoga mat online, you should only choose a reputed seller. These websites carefully upload all the product-related descriptions on their E-Commerce Store. Go through the descriptions carefully to know more about the yoga mats. When you want to explore in greater detail, you can contact the website representatives through the contact number or email address provided on the website.

Cushioning and Thickness

Once you have chosen the right kind of material for the yoga mat, you should also consider the thickness of the mat, before you make an effort to buy yoga mats in India. The standard yoga mats have a thickness of 3.2 millimeters. If certain health issues related to ankles, feet, or knees are there, one can settle for a yoga mat with a greater thickness as well.

The newest yoga mats also offer a smooth surface and therefore can be used for Yogasanas like hatha yoga. Compare a few websites and products to make the best purchase decision. While affordability may be an issue, see to it that your yoga mats are lightweight and of good quality, even if they are priced a tad higher.

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