We are highly acknowledged for offering comfortable Crescent Cushions. Made using 100 % pure & organic cotton, these Crescent Cushions are filled with natural Kapok fiber or buckwheat hulls. The Crescent Cushions are known as “heart cushions” because when you sit on these cushions your heart region opens up its own with all grace & ease. The Crescent Cushions offered by us are very light in weight and minimize the absorption of odors. The Kapok fiber filled in these cushions provides you a firm support during your yoga practice and is not hard. Further, these Crescent Cushions are extremely malleable and comfortable to use.


SKU: Crescent-Cushion
    • Available in variety of material & colors
    • Extremely light in weight
    • Easy to handle, stack and store
    • Firm
    • Highly comfortable & malleable
    • Minimize the absorption of odor & colors